Executive Order No. 11110

Executive Order No. 11110 is one of the most debated actions in JFK’s administration. People go as far to say it is the reason he was assassinated, but it still remains up to question exactly what it would mean for the bank. Some believe it would increase the Fed’s power, other’s think it would destroy the Fed. In the most basic sense, the Document gives the Secretary of Treasury the ability to issue silver certificates. There is an overwhelming rabbit hole you can fall down surrounding JFK, and the Federal Reserve. I urge people to explore it, but always with a great amount of awareness. A common theme for this blog is to learn both sides. Address arguments surrounding debated topics, without plunging head first, ignorantly backing one idea. This document is a perfect example of an extreme. Jim Marrs discussed potential meanings, results, and theories around the order in his book “Crossfire” that started huge debate. I’m far from a conspiracy theorist, but at the very least, all of this stuff is interesting to hear about.



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