Climbing Back to Reality

I wanted to try and avoid diving into the Kennedy vs. Fed debate, but it is a necessary part to the history of the Bank. This blog was a brief summary, covering  one of the biggest factors in United States history that is rarely addressed with enough thought to do it justice. The central bank has almost complete control of the economy. Jackson saw it as truly evil and worked solely on destroying it, while JFK might have warned against future growth and control, possibly starting actions against it. Some Presidents believed it is the opposite of deadly. They saw it as a safe solution to monetary control, and economic stability. Hopefully this blog has sparked an interest in the economics of the United States, and the world, while possibly inspiring research in every side of an argument. It is never good to simply believe what is stated without at least a little research, but it can be just as harmful to fabricate outlandish theories. This went a little off topic, but it is nice to climb back to reality, and stop accidentally preaching.


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