It is impossible to dive into central banking with out hearing the name, Rothschild.

Rothschild is the family name belonging to one of the oldest, most powerful and successful banking families in History.

Fully diving into their past is a task so grand it requires it’s own blog, so I will provide two articles. Both articles have their own viewpoints, the first is telling from the Rothschild family on their website; the other a longer, more detailed article addressing specific events, and conspiracies surrounding their past (both have their own strong bias).

The Rothschild’s public telling

The more theoretical, aggressive article

These articles DO NOT represent my opinions, or views on history, but they are very interesting reads. To fully understand the long, strange politics of the world, it is a must to learn every possible side.


2 thoughts on “Rothschild

  1. Didn’t actually know who the Rothschild family was until now. It sounds like they were mostly a European banking stronghold. Did they influence banking in America?
    WOAH! The second article blasts the Rothschild family, even going so far as to blame the September 11 attacks on them. I looked around the website a bit and don’t know how much reliability/validity I’d give it.


  2. Exactly why I put that last paragraph in there, conspiracy theorist always go way out there. There are a ton of pages like that, that was just the top result when you search Rothschild timeline. Crazy as it is, still interesting people think all that.

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