The Hydra Headed Monster

Nearing the end of Jackson’s first term, he was informed of an alliance between his opponent, Henry Clay, and the president of the United States bank, Nicholas Biddle. They threatened to destroy Jackson’s attempt at re-election if he did not sign the renewal of the national banks charter. The idea that the bank was influencing elections, and appeared so powerful, was a major concern to the President. He began to view the bank as a “hydra headed monster’, and not only his enemy, but an enemy to the people. Jackson vetoed the bill, and ran on a premise that he was for the people; and that Henry Clay and the bank were against them. His campaign slogan was simply “Jackson and no Bank”. Jackson won the election, and began to make moves against the bank.


2 thoughts on “The Hydra Headed Monster

  1. I commented on this when you first posted it, but it appears to have vanished. I asked what the meaning of “hydra headed monster” was. Let me know if you find out.


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